How to Remove Gel Manicures at Home

 Removing gel manicure at home is difficult but its not impossible! So If you’d rather do it yourself than going to the nail salon , please refrain and instead check out the best gel polish removers below.

1. Acetone Soak Off

After filing off the top layer of your polish, cover your fingernails with wads of acetone-soaked cotton balls, wrap them with tinfoil, and let them sit for at least 20 minutes before gently pushing the polish off your nails with a cuticle stick.

2. Steam Off Gel Nail Polish Acrylic Dip Nail Steamer Remover

Just pour some remover into the base, turn it on, stick your fingers through the holes (after filing down your polish), and chill for 10 minutes before it shuts off. Keep repeating until your gel nail polish easily scrapes off with the included metal pusher.

3. Onyx Professional 100% Acetone Nail Polish Remover

Regardless of the DIY method you try to remove your gel manicure, you’ll need some high-strength, 100 percent acetone (aka nail polish remover, but stronger). Sadly, soaking—or steaming—your nails with the random bottle of “gentle” or “moisturizing” remover you’ve had since high school just ain’t gonna cut it. Try this professional-grade acetone, instead, which cuts through glitter and gel fast, and also comes with a nail file.

4. Sally Hansen Salon Gel Polish Acetone Remover

Any acetone you use is going to dry out your hands and nails (it’s part of the tradeoff for long-lasting manis), but this nail polish remover from Sally Hansen is at least formulated with a bit of moisturizing grape seed oil and aloe leaf extract to help offset the stripping effects of removing your gel polish. 

5. Gospire 10 Pcs Plastic Nail Clips

No matter what product or formula you use to remove your gel polish, the process likely going to require some soaking (gel is strong and it takes time to break it down). Instead of fussing with foils and trying to wrap them around each finger, pick up these clips, which clamp the acetone-soaked cotton ball over your nails without slipping.

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