ST Patrick´s Day Nail Art Ideas

These green nails will have you feeling the luck of the Irish

Wearing green on St. Patrick’s Day is a must, and nails are no exception. we all know that this is the best time of year to get your green on. Don’t worry — all of these nail styles will look great gripping a tall pint of Guinness. For some nail inspiration, grab the glitter and scroll through these St. Patrick’s Day nail designs.

1. Gold Metallic Nails

st patty nails

2. Add some gold stripes

st patrick nails

3. Add some gold flakes

green nail ideas

Keep your nails on trend with this gold foil-accented nail design.

4. Green glass Nails

5. Clover full wraps

clover nail ideas

6. Rainbow Nails

rainbow nails saint patrick

7. Green Ombre Nails

ombre green nails

8. Add some glitter

green glitter nails

9. Irish Flag Nails

irish nail art

There’s no mistaking this pattern, especially with the Irish flags that will be waving everywhere on St. Patty’s day. So it’s a good thing that Ireland’s flag is easy to paint — just a vertical stripe of green, white and orange.

10. Add some Studs

11. Add some green nail caviar

green tips nails

12. Green Tips Nails

Give your classic French manicure an Irish twist with by replacing the traditional white tips with a glimmering green shade.

13. Mini clover nails

clover nail art

A sparkling green shamrock will certainly add some luck to your white manicure. If you don’t have the artistic prowess to draw a shamrock free hand, a nail water decal will do the trick.

14. Add some clover confetti

clover confetti

15. Plaid Nails

16. Green marble Nails

17. Green Matte Nails

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