Easter Nail Art Ideas That You Need To Try Out This Spring

It’s time to put away your winter nail shades people. They had a good run, but the spring season and Easter holiday are all about bright, cheery, and fun nail designs. Think: florals, cute lil bunnies, pastels, and bright colors. What’s not to love, right? So to help you out with your search for the perfect Easter nail design, we pulled some of our favorite looks. Here you go!

Rainbow Manicure

Paint your nails with a white base, add some colorful spots and you are ready!

Geometric Nails

easter nail art ideas

Pastel French Manicure

The French mani is modern again. Hop on the trend this Easter by going for these pastel tips.

Cute Floral Nails

easter nail art ideas

These flowers are so beautiful! Add some gold nail caviar in the middle.

Holographic Manicure

Holographic nails are still a trend! Use some foils to have this look!

Multi-Colored Manicure

This could be the easiest way to have cute Easter nails without a lot of work!

Add some glitter

easter nail art ideas

Glitter and confetti is always a good idea!

Cute bunny Nails

easter nail art ideas

Ombré Manicure

Easter Pattern Nails

easter nail art ideas

Cute Bunny Nails

Polka Dots Nails

easter nail art ideas

Butterfly Nails

More Easter Nails

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