essie Spring 2020 Collection Swatches

essie’s new limited edition spring 2020 collection is sure to make a splash this season so you best grab your rain booties & umbrella! inspired by the bliss of being caught in a passing spring shower, these six pastel nail polish shades will give you a spring in your step!

essie Spring 2020 Collection Swatches
  1. First shade is rainwear don’t care. Be bold, nothing stops this creamy white-based dirty taupe nude nail polish with a cream finish.
rainwear don’t care

2. feeling wellies. get boot-happy, a soft pastel yellow nail polish with red undertones lifts you on gray days.

feeling wellies

3. kissed by mist. pucker up, a mid-toned cool pink nail polish with blue and pink flip pearl is a soft caress of color.

kissed by mist

4. spring in your step. shower me in flowers, a dewy lilac purple nail polish with pink iridescence is as right as rain essie.

spring in your step

5. can dew attitude. keep up that positivity because you’ve nailed it in this muted celadon green nail polish.

5. make a splash. puddle jumpers unite, a dusky blue nail polish with a blue and violet flip pearl is so much fun.

make a splash

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