2020 French Nail Art Trends

1. The Literal French Manicure

French Tip Twist:
Putting the ‘French’ in French manicure, this cheeky take on the classic nail technique uses cute French words in place of the traditional white tip. Leave the rest of your nails bare and get your steadiest hand ready to draw on miniature renditions of ‘non’, ‘oui’ and ‘amore’.

2. The Chain French Manicure

3. The Snowy French Manicure

French Tip Twist:

At first glance this might just look like your regular noughties French manicure, but take a closer peek and you’ll see that it’s got a surprise snowy glitter twist. If you’re a fan of the OG white tip and just want a subtle 2020 update, this is the French manicure for you.

4. The Ombre French Manicure

French Tip Twist:

The key to this subtle take on neon nail art is to start with the lighter shade, using a long thing brush to apply it to the left side of your nail. Repeat on the other side with a brighter colour and finish with a clear top coat to blend the two together. Et voila! A French mani that’s festival ready.

5. The Reverse French Manicure

6. The Half Moon French Manicure

7. The Double French Manicure

8. The gold French Manicure

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