Summer 2020 Bag Trends

On the spring/summer runways, there was every kind of purse, from structured wicker ones to slouchy shoulder ones, and now that the season is almost upon us, more of these pretty styles are available to shop. Here, some summer 2020 bag trends you should get in on while there’s still time.

1. Tie-Dye

Summer 2020 Bag Trends
Alberta Ferretti

Not really shocking at this point, but the trend is still kicking from last summer, so it’s high time to incorporate it into your purses.

2. Tie-Dye Tote

Summer 2020 Bag Trends

Opt for a deep-blue tie-dye that evokes light shimmering off the ocean. 

3. Hanna Tote Bag in Pink Roos Tie-Dye

Summer 2020 Bag Trends

A cute pink satchel with this pattern will def stand out. 

4. Claire Nylon Tote

Summer 2020 Bag Trends

Totes can be simple, but NOT this guy. With the colors (and the cute lil ruffle at the top!), it’s anything but basic. 

5. Graphic ’70s-Inspired Totes

Summer 2020 Bag Trends

Groovy, baby! Speaking of totes, graphic ones that have a retro vibe are also gonna be big.

6. Cotton Canvas Tote

Summer 2020 Bag Trends

The ombré effect of this text is so mesmerizing, right? 

7. Power to the Parks Tote Bag

Summer 2020 Bag Trends

This has all the boho vibes goin’ on, and it features an eco-friendly message to protect national parks. 

8. Slime Green

Summer 2020 Bag Trends

It may be a divisive hue, but there’s no denying it’s eye-catching. Embrace this bold color for summer 2020.

9. Knotted Handles

Summer 2020 Bag Trends
Jonathan Simkhai

Slouchy shoulder bags with knotted straps are everywhere lately. Whether they’re tied neatly in a bow or in a general knot, at least you know the strap’s secure!

10. Rainbow Stripes

Summer 2020 Bag Trends
Gabriela Hearst

Multicolored stripes that look like they have a pot of gold sitting at the end of ’em are gonna be huge for summer. They make me so happy just looking at them?!

11. Trapezoid-Shaped Bags

Summer 2020 Bag Trends

Not quite squares or rectangles! These pretty bags have more of a unique shape that stand out from the rest.

12. Studded Details

Summer 2020 Bag Trends
Michael Kors Collection

Edgy black shoulder bags with silver chains, zippers, and, most importantly, studs were all over the spring/summer 2020 runways.

13. Leather Top, Wicker Bottom

Summer 2020 Bag Trends

Wicker doesn’t always have to be beige, you know. This bag features colorful stripes on the material that run horizontally. 

14. Extra Chain Straps

Summer 2020 Bag Trends
Dion Lee

Whether you actually use them to carry your bag or if they’re just purely decorative, chain straps add some shiny bling to any purse.

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