2020 Best Body Makeup Products That Hide Bruises and Marks

We all have our favorite foundations. And we all have our reasons for why we love them, whether it’s the life-changing full coverage, weightless texture, or even hydrating properties. With all this mind, sometimes we’d like these same benefits, but on our bodies instead.

So whether you’re looking to cover up a cut, bruise, bug bite, or uneven tone, we’ve rounded up the best body makeup products to use on your arms, chests, legs, and more.

Best Overall: Mac Studio Face & Body Foundation

2020 Best Body Makeup Products That Hide Bruises and Marks

We like to think of this body foundation as your “everyday” formula. It’s got a creamy consistency, sheer coverage, and a satin finish. It’s also flexible; it can be used on both the face and body, removing the need to toggle between two separate products for your coverage needs.

Best for Arms: ALLEVEN Colour Shield

2020 Best Body Makeup Products That Hide Bruises and Marks

With this velvety mist, there’s no need to rub it in. It features an airbrush-like application that sprays evenly over the skin to deliver a water- and transfer-resistant finish. To get a natural appearance, simply spray at least eight inches away from the area of concern and keep your hand moving to avoid layering on too much product.

Best for Legs: This Works Perfect Legs Skin Miracle

2020 Best Body Makeup Products That Hide Bruises and Marks

Equal parts a vitamin-packed serum and hydrating foundation, this non-greasy texture melts right into your skin. Vitamins C and E work together to help repair while arnica evens out tone. Reviewers noted that it not only covered their imperfections but also added a natural glow to their skin, which felt almost like a slight bronzing effect.

Best for Chest: Bondi Sands GLO Matte One Day Tan

2020 Best Body Makeup Products That Hide Bruises and Marks

Sunkissed skin in a bottle. This wash-off makeup delivers a believable “just got off the plane from Turks & Caicos” tan that lasts until your next shower. As it gives you that fresh glow, it’s also concealing blemishes and imperfections resulting in a seriously flawless canvas. One reviewer proudly calls this formula liquid gold.

Best for Tattoos: Dermablend Leg & Body Makeup

This powerful formula can mask even the most detailed of tattoos. This highly pigmented makeup can be applied with your fingers but is best applied with a makeup sponge. Reviewers are wowed by how well it covers up almost anything even beyond just tattoos, including birthmarks and spider veins.

Best for Bruises: KKW Beauty Skin Perfecting Body Foundation

Light-diffusing spheres blur every imperfection in this silky formula. Available in nine shades with a variety of undertones, the texture blends smoothly and evenly on the skin. While users love the flawless finish it provides, they also rave about how comfortable the formula is to wear throughout the day.

Best for Scars: Vita Liberata Body Blur Instant HD Skin Finish

When you just want a wash of radiant color, this light-reflecting tint is your ticket. It can be used on both the face and body and reduces the appearance of imperfections, cellulite, blemishes, and even scars. To apply, squeeze small dots across the desired area and then blend in long, circular motions with your fingers.

Best Drugstore: Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs

For an affordable price, you can achieve perfect skin with this spray-on formula. Users appreciate the buildable texture, which gives you the option to continue applying until you get the coverage you want, without caking. Plus, it dries quickly, so no need to stand around waiting.

Best Water Resistant: Westmore Body Coverage Perfector

Seamlessly camouflage every imperfection and enhance the skin’s glow at the same time. The best part? Your look will last for up to 24 hours. To use, apply like you would a lotion, then gently pat with a tissue to remove excess product. Give yourself 5-10 minutes to dry, then either reapply if needed or put on your clothes. Keep in mind that this formula is mighty, so you’ll need an oil-based product to remove it.

Best for Travel: Dermablend Quick Fix Body Foundation Stick

For quick fixes or small areas, this handy stick is your new go-to. But don’t mistake its size for weakness—the formula is full coverage and lasts up to 16 hours with smudging or transferring. It’s the perfect product to throw in your carry-on as it can be used pretty much anywhere on the body where you need a bit (or a lot) of perfecting.

Best Full Coverage: Younique Touch Spray Foundation

2020 Best Body Makeup Products That Hide Bruises and Marks

Available in 19 shades, this full-coverage aerosol spray provides major coverage without clogging your pores. Because the finish is so light, it feels like nothing on the skin—an important benefit if you plan on wearing this every day or in high temperatures. With ingredients like vitamin E and macadamia nut oil, it’s also ultra-moisturizing and won’t dry your skin out.

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