How to Store Your Winter Boots

Boots are your hardest working accessories, and they aren’t cheap to replace either. Despite the expense, are you one of those people who shoves all your boots in a closet in a big pile? Knowing how to store shoes properly will help you keep your boots supple and wearable for years, thus saving you money.

We are sharing with you tips on how to store your winter boots, to make sure they are taken care of, so they can last you all winter long. Check out these 8 tips to store your winter boots, and don’t worry, they include some solutions if you are dealing with little storage space.

1. Stuff them

How to Store Your Winter Boots

In order to maintain the upright form of the boot, you can stuff it with tissue paper, or even roll up some magazines and stuff them in the boots.

2. Boot hangers!

How to Store Your Winter Boots

Since boots tend to take up a lot of space, opt for boot hangers. If you hang them, this will free some space for you to store your heels.

3. Avoid dust bags

It is not a smart idea to store your boots in a dust bag, you don’t know what you have stepped on in the streets! You don’t want to drag the dirt into the dust bag, unless you clean them really well.

4. Don’t leave them out in the open

Try to always store your boots in closed spaces, to limit the dust pile up on them.

5. Layering

If you are going to layer two of your boots on top of one another, make sure that the buckles and the zips do not scratch the leather of the other boot. 

6. Opposing sides

When storing your boots in a box, be sure to lay them down opposite one another. Meaning the top end of one boot is facing the front of the other boot.

7. Label the boxes

How to Store Your Winter Boots

If you decide to store your boots in their original boxes, make sure to snap a picture of them and stick it onto the box. That way, you will always remember what you have, and won’t need to open up each box to pick a boot to go with your outfit.

8. Take off the mud stains

How to Store Your Winter Boots

Since rainy days are common in the winter, your boots are definitely subjected to water and mud. Be sure to clean your boots immediately after you walk in. Do not store them with mud stains, as it will be very hard to remove them afterwards.

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