10 Best Paint Colors For 2021

Every December, design professionals and decor enthusiasts get a thrill from predicting the paint colors that will reign supreme in the year ahead.

Here, you’ll find all the inspiration you need to take your home’s color scheme to the next level.

1. Rich Brown

Beautiful rich browns are going to be everywhere in furniture and decor.

Best Paint Colors For 2021

2. Jewel Tones

Bold, deep jewel tones with personality will be all the rage in 2021. Not only do they provide inspiration and a lift in mood during all the hours at home, but painting the house is a fab project to stay active and feel productive in the winter months.

Best Paint Colors For 2021

3. Seafoam Green

With its soft, restful tones, seafoam green, It brings a gauzy soft feel to living spaces, reminding us of days at the sea.

Best Paint Colors For 2021

4. Leafy Green

As we continue to spend more time both working and just living from home, bringing the outside inside will continue to be a popular trend.

Best Paint Colors For 2021

5. Blush

6. Neutrals

Best Paint Colors For 2021

7. Chalky White

Chalky white paint is going to be a huge trend in 2021. Instead of stark white, think whites with warmer undertones in very matte finishes or even textured finishes.

8. Dark Hues

In 2021, we’ll see more people embracing deeper, darker hues. Oftentimes people assume that a darker paint color will make a room feel darker or smaller, but more often than not, it has the exact opposite effect.

Best Paint Colors For 2021

9. Earth Tones

Since we’re all spending more time at home and making changes to adapt to our needs, paint color is playing a significant role in creating positive feelings and providing a sense of comfort throughout our spaces. In 2021, warm and engaging earthy tones will continue to thrive as DIYers look to elevate their comfort zones with inviting and natural hues.

10. Deep Neutralized Hues

We’ll see lots of earthy palettes. Think camels in lieu of gray, and lots of deep neutralized hues, like olive green and burnt orange.

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