2021 Best Hair Trends

We’ll be honest: 2020 wasn’t exactly a banner year for hair. Salons were shuttered. Red carpet events cancelled. And keeping your hairs pressed and laid was the furthest thing from your mind. But the pandemic wore on. And on. And most of us slowly came to realize that good hair can, at times, help usher in a good mood. Good hair days are a thing for a reason. Which is, after all, why you’ve likely clicked this link in the first place. Welcome: We are happy to share that 2021 hair forecasts are sunny, with plenty of good hair days on the horizon.

1. ’60s Styles

The ’60s were a time of revolution and reinvention, and so too will be 2021. This time around, expect styles to be less crisped with hairspray, more geometric, and all-around more fun. (Peep the black ribbon in this look just behind the front layers.)

2021 Best Hair Trends

2. Blunt Ends

2021 Best Hair Trends

3. Crimped Waves

2021 Best Hair Trends

4. Purposeful Roots

2021 Best Hair Trends

5. Long Layers

2021 Best Hair Trends

6. Natural Curls

2021 Best Hair Trends

7. Instagram Waves

8. Natural Hair Color

9. Long Bangs

10. Unfussy Updos

11. Lighting Highlights

12. Sliced Strands

13. High Ponies

14. Braids 

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