26 Gorgeous Spring Flower Arrangements for Your House

Its time to say goodbye to the bitter cold and snow, and welcome all that Mother Nature has to offer for the warmer months ahead. In other words, if you’re a┬ádecor enthusiast, it’s likely your cue to start getting creative with Spring flower arrangements.

This year, go for a statement centerpiece that showcases the season’s best flowers, whether it’s lovely lilies, tulips, or even a few unexpected DIY paper creations. But once you settle on the right blooms, don’t overlook the many ways you can choose to display them. From a handmade vase to a charming wreath, the possibilities for Spring flower arrangements and centerpieces are endless. Scroll through for a look at some of our favorite Spring flower ideas that are worthy of your celebration this year.

1. Pastel Beauty

Best Spring Flower Arrangements

Use a mint green vase as the foundation for a statement arrangement full of pastel-colored flowers.

2. Accordion Paper Flowers

easter flowers

Colorful accordion-folded paper can take the shape of flowers, making them perfect for sprucing up your Easter table or even a drab wall.

3. Flower Paper Wreath

easter flowers wreath

Embrace the beauty of the spring with a wreath that puts eye-catching pastel colors on full display. For this look, a wooden frame is taken to the next level with an assortment of vibrant paper leaves and flowers.

4. Flower Garland

easter flowers garland

5. Funnel Wreath Arrangement

easter flowerseaster flowers  funnel wreath

6. Egg Tree

easter flowers  egg tree

If you love sturdy branches like cherry blossoms, give them a new look for the holiday. Place a few in your favorite vase and dress them up with colorful egg ornaments that are decked out with pretty ribbon.

7. Low-Profile Look

easter flowers

Add charm to your Easter brunch setup with a low arrangement full of lush greenery, soft pink roses, and any bold yellow flowers of your choice.

8. Woven Flower Vase

easter flowers - woven vase

9. Milk Jar Arrangement

easter flowers - glass jar vase

For an unexpected look, string together a bunch of empty milk jars, and fill with a mixture of small and large blooms.

10. Herb Garden Centerpiece

easter flowers - herb centerpiece

11. Easter Table Wreath

easter flowers - eggshell centerpiece

12. Flower-Filled Berry Basket

easter flowers - berry basket

13. Fresh Floral Easter Basket

Easter Flowers - Egg Basket with Fresh Floral Decoration

14. Woodsy Floral Arrangement

Easter Flowers - Wood Floral Stand

15. Vibrant Forsythia Arrangement

Easter Flowers  - Yellow Forsythia with Blue Hard Boiled Eggs

16. Flower Chandelier

Easter Flowers -  DIY Chandelier Roses Peonies

17. Baby’s Breath Basket

easter flowers - babys breath basket

18. Painted Milk Bottles

easter flowers - painted milk bottles

19. Succulent Centerpiece

Easter Flowers - succulent centerpiece

20. Floral Wreath

easter flowers - wreath

21. Lemon Sunflower Centerpiece

easter flowers - lemon sunflower

22. Hydrangea and Berry Arrangement

Easter Flowers in Rustic Bird Cage Holder

23. Gold Leaf Centerpiece

24. Tulip Centerpiece

25. Natural Flower Arrangement

26. Rustic Bucket Centerpiece

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